Exploratory Features of XY Scatter Chart

Generating Subsets of Data From Selected Data Points

Different Ways of Selecting Data on an XY Scatter Chart
Data Objects Selection Using the Marquee or Lasso Tool

The easiest way of selecting data points that display no overlapping with data objects that should not be included in the selection is via:

  • Using the marquee tool for regular selections
  • Using the lasso tool irregular selections
Data Objects Selection Using Marker Attributes

The easiest way for selecting data points belong to a given group on a chart with too many data points or overlapped groups is via:

  • Matching one of the attributes* of the viewer header "Local Marker" item with that of the intended group(s) (see the image below), followed by using the appropriate selection command from the viewer menu.

Selecting Data Points by Their Marker Attributes

* The attributes that can be used for this purpose are color only, symbol only, symbol and color combined, and two further options for selecting more than one group of data objects.